Breastfed and Happy

Becoming a family is a huge transition! Breastfeeding offers the mother and baby countless health benefits and keeps mother and baby close. Mothers need to be nurtured with their babies during their fourth trimester (at least twelve weeks after birth) and breastfeeding is nature's way of helping mother and baby connect. This is a very effective way to create a secure attachment with your baby and learn how to communicate with each other. The World Health Organization recommends that every baby has the chance to breastfeed and that the optimal breastfeeding duration is at least two years, and as long as both mother and baby want to continue. Any amount of breast milk is a wonderful gift to you and your baby's health. Responsive parenting is the key to connecting with your newborn.

Breastfeeding can seem like a simple process, but issues can arise. A breastfeeding class can give you the knowledge you need to avoid difficulties and know when to get help from professionals. There are many common myths about breastfeeding and breast milk. I can help you learn about all of the evidence-based health and emotional benefits that breastfeeding offers the entire family! When you choose to breastfeed, you can be sure that your baby is receiving the perfect balance of nutrients that is just right for your specific baby. Your breast milk changes hour by hour to meet your baby's needs.

I offer group and private breastfeeding classes (in our office, on zoom, or in your home) and fourth trimester coaching for new parents. Please call me to find out more about how breastfeeding is much more than just milk, it is a special connection that feeds all of the mother's and baby's instincts.

Please call or text me at 310.243.6702.

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